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Two More`H5N1 Fatalities in Suburban Jakarta
Recombinomics Commentary
November 13, 2006

The death of casualties was named ES (35) from Tangerang, Banten and A (2,5) from Karawang, West Java, fulfilled the number of bird flu casualties in the homeland to 74 people.

The head of the Centre of Department of Health Communication of the Public of the Bird Flu Command Post, Lily S Sulistyowati, told how this incident started from the citizen's ES of Taman Adiyaksa, Tangerang, from felt was sick (onset) on November 7 2006.

On November 8 2006, ES that various female gender underwent the inspection in RS Paramita Tangerang.Because of not pointing out the improvement, on November 10 2006 ICE was reconciled to RS Honoris, Tangerang.

The same day ES was at once reconciled to RS the Sulianti Suroso Infection (RSPI SS).

The above translation indicates both recently confirmed bird flu H5N1 in suburban Jakarta have died.  Most of the human cases in Indonesia have been from western Java and most have died.  H5N1 isolated from these patients has a novel cleavage site that does not match the vast majority of H5N1 birds isolates.  Additional birds samples sent to Australia fro sequencing have failed to identify the source of the human infections in Jakarta.

 Although the isolates have picked up sequences from the Qinghai strain as well as additional polymorphisms from China and southeast Asia, the local reservoir of human H5N1 has not been identified.  Although there have been 74 confirmed cases, the number of matches with H5N1 from poultry in the area of the victims remains at zero.

Wild bird surveillance remains poor worldwide.  Only one Qinghai isolate has been reported for eastern China, although Qinghai sequences are readily detected in the H5N1 isolates throughout Asia.

H5N1 continues to evolve and the source of human infections in Indonesia remains unlikely to be directly linked to poultry.

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