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H5N1 Confirmatory Lab Results Raise Questions in Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary 00:17
November 14, 2008

From the test was learnt culture of the virus and the inspection of RT-PCR was stated positive. Moreover the increase happened titer antibodies H5 bigger four fold times. As for the case was stated was confirmed when results of the test rapid H5NI also was stated positive. Moreover happened failed the breath that could make the patient die and be not alternative to the other cause.

The above translation of the lab results for the fatal case (15F) in Semarang leave little doubt that the patient was H5N1 lab confirmed.  The virus was isolated and was PCR positive.  In addition the patient had a greater than four fold increase in H5 antibody levels and the patient was also H5 positive on the rapid test.

The data contradict the statement by Siti Fadilah Supari, which indicated that the two confirmatory lab tests were negative.  This discrepancy raises serious concerns because of prior statements by Indonesian officials, coupled with the withholding of samples and sequences.

The lack of oversight by WHO is also cause for concern.  Indonesia has the largest number of confirmed H5N1 cases, and based on prior and recent events, the number of actual human H5N1 infections is clearly markedly higher than the acknowledged confirmed cases.

Serious action by WHO is long overdue.

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