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D225G in Fatal H1N1 Lung Cases in Norway and Ukraine
Recombinomics Commentary 16:05
November 20, 2009

WHO says same mutation (at 222 on the HA) seen elsewhere, sometimes in fatal, other times in mild cases. Signifi of change unclear.

The above comment from a Helen Branswell tweet indicates the polymorphism in Norway is position 222, which would correspond to position 225 using H3 numbering.

Although there have been examples of D225N, D225E, and D225G, the recently released sequences from Ukraine were D225G and associated with fatal lung infections and D225G is clearly "in play", using recombination to jump from background to background in Brazil, Australia, China, Spain, Japan, and Russia.

Therefore, the "mutation" in Norway is also almost certainly D225G.

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