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CDC In Denial Of trH3N2 Sustained HumanTransmission
Recombinomics Commentary 10:45
November 23, 2011

"It possible that the virus is being seeded and is being transmitted in short transmission chains," Cox admitted.

There is no data supporting “short transmission chains”.  The cluster in Iowa consists of three confirmed cases and two more contacts with ILI, which is a cluster larger than initially reported in southern California in 2009 at the beginning of the swine H1N1 pandemic..  Like the Iowa cluster, contacts in California had recovered prior to sample collection, so the number of confirmed cases in each cluster was limited to one.

The Iowa cluster however yielded three confirmed cases that were epidemiologically linked, the largest trH3N2 confirmed cluster reported to date.  Moreover, the sequences match the other seven isolates, indentified in three other states over a three month time frame.

The Indiana sequence from the first case in Indiana, A/Indiana/08/2011, was virtually identical to the sequences from the second and third cases in Pennsylvania (A/Pennsylvania/10/2011 and A/Pennsylvania/11/2011) which developed symptoms a month after the Indiana case.  Similarly, the two cases in Maine are closely related to each other (A/Maine/06/2011 and A/Maine/07/2011) even though disease onset dates were two weeks apart.

These matches signal sustained human transmission, in spite of epidemiological investigations which have failed to identify a source for any of the seven prior isolates, or the index case for the Iowa cluster.
Abysmal surveillance allowed the sustained transmission to continue for at least three months prior to the identification of a cluster without a swine exposure, exposing a heavily biased surveillance program which prioritizes samples with pseudo swine exposure, and then claims the artificial data is related to the trH3N2 transmission.

Now the CDC is claiming a new myth, that of limited human to human transmission for trH3N2 human transmission, which is clearly sustained.

trH3N2 is widespread in children in the United States, and the surveillance failures and denial of sustained transmission are a national disgrace.

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