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Dogs Culled In Likely H5N1 Infections On South Korean Farm
Recombinomics Commentary
November 25 2006

Government workers at the farm located about 230 kilometers south of Seoul said 6,000 chickens and two dogs have been destroyed to prevent the possible spread of the avian virus. It is the first time that dogs have been culled as a result of a bird flu outbreak. 

The above description of the culling of dogs in Korea, virtually confirms the H5N1 serotype in the large outbreak described above.  It is not clear if the dogs tested positive for H5N1, or were culled as a precaution. 

H5N1 was isolated from a dog in Thailand in 2004, but there have been isolates of Qinghai H5N1 from several mammals in Europe, and it is likely that the bird flu in South Korea is the H5N1 Qinghai strain.

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