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Bird Flu Spread To Four South Korean West Coast Locations
Recombinomics Commentary
November 27,  2006

A low-grade strain of bird flu has also struck South Korea last week. The viruses found in two different places, however, the Agriculture Ministry said were not the H5N1 strain. The strain killed 200 chickens in Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometers south of Seoul, and some 510 chickens in Yangpyeong, 55 kilometers east of the capital.

The above comments describe a fourth location on or near the western coast of South Korea that is positive for bird flu.  H5N1 has been confirmed in the first location, Iksan, 225 kilometers south of Seoul,  This confirmation has led to a massive culling in Iksan in addition to the two outbreaks above and chickens in Seosan.

Media reports are also describing additional unexplained poultry deaths in Seosan, as well as spread beyond the culling perimeter in Iksan, suggesting the H5N1 infections are markedly greater and more widespread than indicated in media reports citing low path infections.

More details on the serotypes involved would be useful.

The likely widespread linkage of H5N1 to wild birds in the region and beyond remains high.

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