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WHO Monitoring H5N1 In Makassar Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary 13:50
November 27, 2008

Two district in Makassar, each Panakkukang Makassar and now is under the monitoring of the World Health Organitation (WHO). Both these areas are considered prone to the spread of bird flu, as poultry traders into place.

This is revealed in the meeting between the Mayor, A Herry Iskandar consultant with the WHO, Omai M. Through Omai, the WHO expressed Makassar to help in tackling the spread of the bird flu virus.

The above translation describes interest by WHO regarding H5N1 in Makassar, the site of a 19 person cluster.  Although official reports maintain that these patients were H5N1 negative, the first seven tested were PCR positive base on local lab tests, as were the dying poultry in the region.

Usually H5N1 in birds is monitored by FAO, while human cases are monitored by WHO.  Although the above translation describes H5N1 in poultry, and media reports indicate that the recent and future flu simulations in patients in Makassar are unrelated to the large cluster, the direct involvement of WHO on monitoring H5N1 in the region is more reassuring that WHO announcements regarding the news blackout on human H5N1 cases in Indonesia.

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