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Egypt Confirms 7 H5N1 Cases In 3 Days
Recombinomics Commentary
December 3, 2014 20:00

the first case, the man at the age of 26-year-old from a village center contorted in Minia Governorate, was suffering from fever, cough and shortness of breath after exposure to birds, have been isolated case hospital health insurance Minya on 30 November last year, and put on a ventilator On the same day, was given the drug «Tamiflu», and take a sample for examination central labs in Cairo, came a positive result on Tuesday, and died on the first case on Monday
 lady 33 years of Belina Sohag province, was suffering from fever, cough, shortness of breath and was isolated in a private hospital on November 28, was given Tamiflu and then transferred to a hospital Sohag released the next day, the samples were taken the required and send central Cairo for laboratories, and laboratory-confirmed yesterday that the situation is suffering from pneumonia, which is on a ventilator, and her health is stable

The above translation describes two more H5N1 confirmed cases in Egypt, increasing the total for this week to seven.  These are in addition to three cases 2 weeks ago and one case in late September.  Three of these 11 cases were children aged 3 or under and all three had mild cases.

In contrast, 6 of the 8 adults have died, and the two survivors, reported yesterday and today, are on respirators.

The 10 most recent cases are centered around Minya (see map), with one to the north in Beni Suef, and two to the south in Assuit and Sohag. 

The clustering in time and space raises concerns that the H5N1 has changed.  Human sequences since 2009 have belonged to a sub-clade with a deletion at position 133 and have structural similarities with seasonal H1N1.

Release of sequences from the latest cases would be useful.

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