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Likely H5N1 Spread to Barpeta Assam
Recombinomics Commentary 18:21
December 4, 2008

The dreaded disease bird flu has spread to new places of Assam as more deaths of chickens have been reported from Barpeta

Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup district R C Jain confirmed that bird flu has spread to Azara area of the district after affecting a large area of Hajo near Guwahati.

The Bhopal-based High Security Animal Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory (HSADL) has already confirmed presence of the virus among the fowl of Sarpara and Patgaon villages of Kamrup district.

The above comments suggest H5N1 has spread to Barpeta, which, if confirmed, would represent the spread of H5N1 to three districts (the first two are Kamrup, rural and Kamrup, metro) in Assam, India.

Earlier media reports has cited Rajabazar Village of the epicenter, where H5N1 was confirmed last week.  However, subsequent reports described suspected and confirmed H5N1 to the east.  Barpeta would represent spread to the west (see updated map), which would be expected if Rajabazar was the epicenter.

Recent comments have also focused attention on migratory birds which have been arriving in the region.  H5N1 in migratory birds as well as resident wild birds would likely spread H5N1 beyond the borders of these three districts.  Therefore more poultry deaths and H5N1 confirmations are expected.

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