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Two Suspect H5N1 Patients Hospitalized in Romania

Recombinomics Commentary
December 5, 2005

Two men have been hospitalized in Tulcea in Eastern Romania over fears that they have been infected with the deadly bird flu strain H5, local Averia newspaper reports.

The two men have been isolated as a precautionary measure and their health condition is subjected to constant observation. At present the only confirmed diagnose in pneumonia

The men are from Tulcea County where the latest outbreak is in Romania.  The timing coincides with Crimea Peninsula, where infections were covered up (since mid-October) until H5N1 became more virulent and killed 2000 birds in the past 3 days.

The increased virulence of H5N1 in the latest Ukraine outbreak may be related to the latest Romania outbreak, as both locations are adjacent to the Black Sea.

Last month Israel reported a victim with H5 antibody who had contact with wild birds, suggesting the H5N1 wild bird strain in the Middle East could cause human infections.  These latest results from Romania suggests that the increased virulence of H5N1 in the region may be associated with human infections.


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