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Confirmed H5N1 Spread to Northeastern Assam India
Recombinomics Commentary 15:41
December 10, 2008

"Bird flu has spread to new areas. We have received confirmation that the H5N1 stain has infected chickens in government farms in Guwahati and parts of Dibrugarh and Kamrup districts," Ashim Kumar Kakoty, a senior veterinary official in the affected state of Assam, told Reuters.

The above comments describe the dramatic spread of H5N1 within Assam.  Dibrugarh is in the far northeast corner of Assam (see updated map).  It is 200 miles from the confirmed cases in Assam and 400 miles from the confirmed outbreak in Bangladesh (see satellite map), strongly suggesting that the spread is due to long range migratory birds and H5N1 is spreading unreported in areas between these two recently confirmed outbreaks.

Dibrugarh is near Mouling and Nampapha National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh, which is in the far northeast corner of India.  The 200 miles to the closest border with Bangladesh make Bangladesh an unlikely source for this outbreak.

The long distance between the confirmed outbreaks in Dibrugarh and Bangladesh, support rumors of additional outbreaks in West Bengal and Bangladesh and suggest confirmation of multiple additional outbreaks in India and Bangladesh are likely.

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