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H5N1 In Mataram Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary
December 12, 2004

>>Besides being introduced by poultry, Dian said, the virus could also have been carried by birds from Sulawesi.
The Mataram agriculture and animal husbandry office only declared an alert early this month over the spread of the virus, though domestic fowl were believed to have been infected by the virus since last September.
To prevent the virus from spreading further, the local husbandry office is providing 250,000 doses of the A1 type vaccine for free, Dian said.
He acknowledged that the current rainy season would worsen the spread of bird flu as the virus could survive longer in the open air when temperatures are lower and the soil more moist. <<
Looks like H5N1 is heading south and closing in on northwest Australia.

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