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CDC Recommends Increased Influenza Testing Of Children
Recombinomics Commentary 23:30
December 19, 2011

While testing of all ILI cases is encouraged as this point, there is increased emphasis on the
following populations with ILI:
o Children <18 years of age, as most of the confirmed cases have been in young children
o Particularly severe or unusual cases, including pediatric deaths
o Persons who were appropriately vaccinated but present with influenza-like symptoms
o Persons with a history of swine (pig) exposure in the two weeks before symptom onset
o Outbreaks or clusters of ILI cases, particularly in daycares, schools or camps
The above list is from the Michigan Department of Community Health on CDC guidance for increased influenza testing.  The Michigan document highlights the emphasis on H3N2pdm11 cases and focuses on testing using the newly approved CDC PCR testing kit.

The announcement also cites prior anomalous results and requests samples that produce such anomalous results.

All state labs are encouraged to follow Michigan’s example of making the CDC widely available to cases and physicians who visit the state web sites.

This change in policy will lead to an explosion of novel cases and provide a better understanding of the spread and diversity of this novel virus, which has already circulating with at least three different constellation (H3N2pdm11 as represented by the first ten cases in 2011, trH3N2 as represented by A/Minnesota/19/2011, and trH1N2 as represented by A/West Virginia/06/2011.

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