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Fujian H5N2 Cluster In Langley / Aldergrove Canada
Recombinomics Commentary
December 19, 2014 18:00

11 Langley, BC December 17 Broiler/Breeders 11,800
Total: 245,600

The above data, from the CFIA running total of confirmed H5N2 farms in British Columbia, increases the number of confirmed farms to 11 and the number in Langley to 2 (see map).  The other Langley farm, which is the largest, with 53,000 chickens, is near farms 5 and 6 in Aldergrove which are owned by brothers and are adjacent to each other about 0.6 miles from farm 10, creating a cluster. 

This cluster is about 5 miles north of Lynden, Washington, where four pet falcons died after eating a wigeon, which was likely infected with H5N8 since the falcons were H5N8 confirmed.  The wigeon was captured near Wiser Lake, which is 2 miles south of Lynden.  There was a massive die-off at Wiser Lake of northern pintails, and one has been H5N2 confirmed.  Local residents estimated that between 550-800 ducks died suddenly at Wiser Lake.

The cluster suggests that more farms will test positive in the Langley / Aldergrove area, and it is likely that farm number 11 is in this area.  It is unlikely that farms 5/6 (confirmed Dec 6/9), which raise meat turkeys are linked to the table egg layer farm 10 (confirmed Dec 13) or the broiler / breeder farm 11 (confirmed Dec 17).  The spread in confirmation dates and differences in bird types suggests these outbreaks are due to independent introductions by wild birds, even though the farms are geographically clustered.  The proximity to Wiser Lake also supports a wild bird origin, which will likely lead to continued infection of farms, which have a high level of biosecurity.

Release of full sequences will address the issue of multiple introductions which was seen for H5N8 in The Netherlands, as well as the first three countries in Europe (Germany and England in addition to The Netherlands).

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