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trH3N2 Transmission In West Virginia Raises Pandemic Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 15:30
December 23, 2011

The CDC has released partial sequences (at GISAID) for a contact (3M) of A/West Virginia/06/2011 (WV/06/11).  As expected for a sample that gave a weak PCR signal, only two gene sequences (HA and NA) were released.

The HA sequence (A/West Virginia/07/2011 – WV07/11) was identical to WV06/11 and the NA sequence was closely related, confirming that the two cases are linked and share the unique NA gene, confirming transmission of this novel trH3N2.  The sequence similarity of the other 6 gene segments was supported by the CDC comment that the M gene was from H1N1pdm09.

Moreover, as suggested by the West Virginia weekly report showing cases from weeks 47 and 49, the collection date for WV/07/11 was December 7, 2011 which is 16 days after the November 21, 2011 collection date for WV/06/11. 

This spread in collection dates signals significant transmission through unreported contacts.

Detail on the extended transmission should be described in the early release MMWR and FluView expected later today.

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