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H5N1 Spread into Two More Nile Delta Governorates

Recombinomics Commentary 12:18
December 27, 2007

Three bird flu cases were detected in Ashmoon, Menoufiyah, according to reports reaching security head Maj. Gen. Mohamed Tolba.

Veterinary Directorate executed Bakulaiobh 9 thousand chickens layer farm Bkivr thanked emerged after the avian influenza virus .. Al-Mukhtar said Abed Assistant Secretary General of the Directorate that Qaliubia governorate veterinary medicine discovered the existence of injuries positive for avian influenza virus

The above translations describe new H5N1 outbreaks in Al Minufiyah and Al Qalyubia governorates (see satellite map of the above outbreaks and all OIE reported outbreaks since July 1, 2007, including first confirmed case (25F) in Beni Suef this season here).  These outbreaks are in addition to Nile Delta outbreaks in Ash Sharqiyah and Al Gharbiyah reported earlier this month.  The outbreaks included backyard holdings as well as a farm with 9000 layer chickens.  Previously, Egypt filed OIE reports of 922 outbreaks (see satellite maps here here here here here), which also detailed an extensive vaccination campaign.  The above outbreaks this month developed in spite of the vaccination campaign.  The first fatal case of this season was also confirmed this week.

Sequences from human and poultry outbreaks identified a number of regional markers found in isolates from Egypt, Israel, Gaza, and Djibouti.  However, recent outbreaks in Europe, as well as an earlier outbreak in Kuwait, were due to the Uva Lake strain, which is clade 2.2, but distinct from the earlier isolates in Egypt.

Sequence data on the recent outbreaks, including the first human case, would be useful.

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