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Russia Fujian H5N8 Healthy Wigeon Matches Europe & Chiba
Recombinomics Commentary
December 28, 2014 13:15

State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector in Novosibursk has released full H5 and N8 sequences from a healthy Eurasian wigeon, A/wigeon/Sakha/1/2014, shot by a hunter on September 25, 2014 in northeast Russia (see map).  Although the sample wasn’t tested until December, the release of the sequences (at GISAID) 2 days after the December 25 OIE publication is commended.

The H5 and N8 sequences were very closely related to the sequences from Europe (Germany, Netherlands, England, and Italy) as well as sequences from wild ducks in Ciba, Japan (
A/duck/Chiba/26-372-48/2014 and A/duck/Chiba/26-372-61/2014).  The recent release of sequences from a crane in Kagoshima, A/crane/Kagoshima/KU1/2014, and a chicken in Miyazaki) A/chicken/Miyazaki/7/2014 define two new Fujian H5 sub-clades, which were still in the clade branch with sequences from South Korea, but were easily distinguished from the European sequences in all 8 gene segments.

The Russian H5 sequence is most closely related to A/duck/England/36254/14 (1701/1704 identities) and partial wigeon sequences in The Netherlands (1647/1650 for A/eurasian wigeon/Netherlands/emc-1/2014).  Similarly, the N8 sequence is most closely related to A/turkey/Germany/R2474-L00899/2014, A/turkey/Germany-MV/R2472/2014, and A/Chicken/Netherlands/14015526/2014 with 1404/1406 identities).

These matches fully support a wild bird origin for the outbreaks in Europe and Chiba Japan, with the earliest collection date of September 25, 2014 for the healthy Russian wigeon for this sub-clade.

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