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Human / Human Transmission and Recombination


>>The two agencies called for more research into how wildlife, domestic ducks and pigs help spread the virus,<<

 The H5N1 virus evolves via recombination, which happens during dual infections, which are on the rise in Asia.  The recently sequenced H5N1 swine isolate clearly has genes which are found in both H5N1 isolates as well as H9N2 isolates and all sequences from H9N2 isolates from Hong Kong in 2003 have genes or portions of genes normally found in H5N1 isolates.

 The sequences in the H5N1 swine isolate from Shandong have been found throughout China, including isolates from Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Jilian provinces.  Although detection of H5N1 is swine is rare, genetic fingerprints are readily detected in H5N1 isolates from Asia. Mammalian polymorphisms, including H1N2 polymorphisms, are particularly prevalent in isolates from Vietnam and Thailand.

 The recombination has already happened and the host range of H5N1 as well as H9N2 isolates is expanding.



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