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Dozen of pigs in N. Thailand die with unknown cause

Pigs dying in Thailand from unknown causes is not a good indicator. 

Sequence analysis of flu isolates from birds, humans, and a leopard and tiger show polymorphisms found in swine and people (H1N1, H1N2, H3N2).  Moreover, the sequences have two amantadine resistance polymorphisms in the M2 protein from these isolates, which have also been found in humans in the past. 

As the isolates acquire more human and swine sequences via recombination, the virus' have broader host ranges and tissue tropism.  Some also have H3N8 associated polymorphisms, which may be related to the canine (greyhound) deaths in Florida, which were infected with H3N8 equine flu.

More recombination leads to increased genetic instability in the infected populations.  The swine deaths are a very red flag.


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