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US Week 2 P&I Death Rate Spike Raises Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 16:00
January 19, 2013
US Week 2 P&I Rate

The above graph includes the dramatic spike (to 8.26%) in the United States Pneumonia and Influenza Death Rate in the CDC week 2 FluView, as expected.  This rate coupled with the spike in hospitalizations (especially for those over 65) precipitated the Friday’s CDC telebriefing.

The briefing noted that additional vaccine was being made available in the United States by companies with FDA approval, and the FDA waived a repackaging requirement for Tamiflu with older package inserts.  The speakers also urged the public to get vaccinated and physicians to treat patients with Tamiflu (or Relenza) earlier (even if influenza had not been lab confirmed).

The jump to 8.3% from 7.3% in week 2 was dramatic, and well above the epidemic threshold (as seen above).  However, the spike in hospitalizations in the past two weeks raise concerns that the high P&I rate will continue to increase.

Below is a list of the two regions and 16 cities which have at least 10 P&I deaths and a rate of at least 10.0%.


Springfield MA      22.4%
Knoxville TN          17.4%
Akron OH              15.8%
Nashville TN          15.4%
Hartford CT           14.7%
Charlotte NC         14.4%
Omaha OH            13.3%
Boston MA            13.2%
Dayton OH            12.7%
Syracuse NY         12.2%
Los Angeles CA   12.1%
Birmingham AL     11.7%
Lansing MI             10.9%
Memphis TN          10.2%
Albuquerque NM   10.2%
Las Vegas NV       10.2%

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