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Absence of Poultry Contact for H5N1 Tangerang Fatality
Recombinomics Commentary 19:30
February 21, 2012

Tests on the victim after she died confirmed she had contracted the virus, but a health ministry team that surveyed her house and neighbourhood was unable to determine its source.
Nine Indonesians died from the virus last year, including two children on the resort island of Bali in October, according to authorities.

The above comments describe a WHO confirmed H5N1 in Tangerang on the outskirts of Jakarta.  However, as was seen in the recent case in Bali, no poultry source has been identified.

The Bali case follows a three person cluster in October.  Sequences from those three cases were released promptly, and the sequence from the mother (39F), was a recombined sequence from the children (5f, 10M).  However, the above comments only cite two of the three cases (even though sequences from all three have been released at GISAID).

The recent clusters and cases without a poultry link increases concerns that the H5N1 in Indonesia is evolving toward the sequence used in the Ron Fouchier experiments, which killed all 40 of the exposed ferrets, yet was efficiently transmitted in the ferret model.

Release of the sequences from the recent cases in Bali and the greater Jakarta region would be useful.

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