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Exponential Spread and Evolution of 3-DCR NYC HIV

Recombinomics Commentary
March 18, 2005

>>  "He believed he was infected while having risky sex with multiple partners in the third week of October ... [and] continued to have sex with about ten partners until the end of December ...  <<

This added detail lays the groundwork for tracing transmission.  The first clue is from the physician of a Connecticut patient who had sex with the NYC patient last fall.  Since both were said to have been HIV positive at the time, it seems that the encounter was after the NYC patient was tested.  Since the CT patient is now also 3-DCR with resistance to 19 drugs, it seems that the transmission was from NYC to CT.  However, since CT was also HIV positive, it seems likely that he too would be engaging in unsafe sex after infection with 3-DCR NYC.

It seems likely that 3-DCR NYC is a recombinant, which forms when the same person is infected with two distinct HIV strains.  Thus, the behavior of the NYC and CT patients having sex with other HIV positive individuals increases the likelihood of more transmission and more evolution via recombination.

More tracing of contacts for 3-DCR and its progression to AIDS will be important, but multiple HIV positive partners months ago can lead to exponential growth and spread of 3-DCR.

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