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Eighth Health Care Worker in Angola Dies from Marburg Virus

Recombinomics Commentary
March 26, 2005

>>  "This morning, four people died in hospital, including one child and one nurse," said the health ministry spokesperson Carlos Alberto by telephone from Uige, about 300km north of the capital Luanda.

The previous official figures on Friday evening stated there were 123 declared cases of the virus, and at that point 115 dead, two in Luanda and 113 in Uige  <<

The death of a nurse on Saturday increases the death toll among health care workers to eight.  Six nurses have died, in addition to an Italian pediatrician  and a Vietnamese physician who died Thursday and Friday, respectively.  An Angolan physician is also infected.

The two physicians died in Luanda after treating patients in Uige.  Tracing of relatives and contacts is underway and those exposed to the Ebola-related Marburg virus have been asked not to travel out of the country for 21 days. 

The Marburg virus has a very high case fatality rate, as noted above.

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