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H1N1 Death Cluster In Juarez MexicoTraffic Department
Recombinomics Commentary 03:05
March 26, 2011

killed the commander of the Municipal Traffic Department (DGTM), Rosario Isidro Gutiérrez Palma 33. It is recalled that it began as an atypical pneumonia.

With this death, added three people have died after contracting the H1N1 virus that keeps tabs on at least five people in the frontera. El officer was hospitalized this week in the Poliplaza because of atypical pneumonia and was in intensive care because of illness caused by H1N1 influenza virus, as in days past the Transit Department went on alert because of the death of one of its elements and the severity of whom died this morning, so all the corporation was vaccinated and is monitored to prevent further cases inside.

It was last Wednesday when he confirmed the death of an officer named Knight, 26, who was the first victim of the H1N1 virus and reportedly the Health Sector, also a woman had been killed recently because of the same disease.

The above translation describes three H1N1 deaths in Juarez, Mexico.  At least two of the deaths involved members of the Transit Department, and one media report suggested the infection was transmitted during a demonstration on the use of a breathalyzer kit.  However, regardless of the method of transmission to the two officers, the death of two young adults (26M and 33M) signals an increased virulence in the circulating H1N1.  These two infections led to the vaccination of 250-300 members of the force as well as alerts for Juarez, the state of Chihuahua, and all of Mexico as additional cases were identified throughout the country.

It is likely that the outbreak in Mexico is linked to the outbreak in Venezuela, as well as recent deaths in the United States near the Mexican border, including the teacher (55F) south of San Antonio, TX. 

The timing of this outbreak is almost exactly two years after the pandemic H1N1 began to spread.  Like 2009, the frequency of seasonal influenza has begun to decline, allowing for the emergence of variants.

Release of H1N1 sequences from the severe and fatal cases in Mexico, Venezuela, and southwest United States would be useful.

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