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Fourteen Marburg Contacts Under Hospital Quarantine in Cabinda

Recombinomics Commentary
March 28, 2005

>>  According to the Provincial Health Director, Alberto Paca, in the hospital are the widower, two sons and other 11 persons who were in a direct contact with the dead body.

Those people will be under medical care for 21 days, period of incubation of the sickness caused by Marburg virus <<

The relatives and contacts of the Cabinda Marburg virus fatality are being quarantined in the main hospital, to try to control the spread of the virus.  The pregnant mother had become infected when she traveled to Uige to attend a funeral of another Marburg victim.

The mother is the only reported Marburg victim in Cabinda.

However, in the Cancuaco suburb of the Angola capital of Luanda, a 12 year-old patient was transferred to the Americo Boa Verde hospital in Luanda after developing bleeding.  She is the only reported possible transmission of Marburg virus outside of Uige, although the source of her infection has not been reported.

Additional contact tracing of victims is being carried out.  It is unclear if there are hospital quarantined contacts or relatives in Luanda.

The number of reported deaths has grown to 121, including several in patients in Luanda who had been in Uige.  The death toll of health care workers is eight.

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