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Myocarditis Cases in Kandy, Sri Lanka Grow to 29

Recombinomics Commentary

April 18, 2005

>> There are over 20 patients with symptoms similar to the myocarditis and dengue.

"Investigations have not identified the real cause for this health condition or disease," a senior Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry official told the Daily News adding that steps were being taken to continue investigations.

Several of the 27 patients show myocarditis conditions while others show dengue fever symptoms.

"We are yet to identify the disease and its causes. Samples have now been sent to Colombo and the Medical Research Institute. We are conducting investigations into this," noted the spokesman.  <<

The latest descriptions of the new cases sound like a combination between the mysterious sudden deaths in Badulla of two students and a teacher, and the large number of myocarditis cases described earlier in Badulla.

The two deaths and the 27 additional cases are just 50 miles west of the earlier clusters.  More samples are being sent to the same locations that failed to come up with intelligent explanations for the earlier outbreaks.

The above media report asks for answers to the real cause of the illness.  Although non-descript descriptions have been offered in the past, an etiological agent has yet to be announced.  Moreover, an etiological agent has yet to be eliminated.

Control of infectious disease by press release has its limitations.

Identification of an etiological agent would be useful and human or avian influenza remains at the top of the list.

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