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Twelve Suspect H5N1 Patients Hospitalized in Medan Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary

May 12, 2006

While 12 assumption patients of other bird flu were still being treated intensive in RSUP Adam the Owner.

Worry with the spreading of this deadly virus, the Government of the North Sumatran Province instructed the Health Service of the Karo Land to sterilise the area that it was suspected became the source of the spread.
The sterilisation was carried out in a radius of one kilometre.
Officially North Sumatran Livestock Breeding carried out the vaccination and spraying in the house environment of the casualties.

The above translation indicates 12 more suspected cases of H5N1 bird flu are being treated in intensive care at RSUP Adam, where five family members have already died.  This may be why the two other hospitalized family members left the public hospital and are now in a private hospital, RS Elizabeth.

12 additional suspect cases are cause for concern.  The first fatality was on May 4, followed by deaths on May 9, 10 and two deaths on May 12.

More information on the 12 hospitalized patients would be useful.

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