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Large Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Sulawesi Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary 18:27
May 22, 2008

Five Kendari inhabitants, South-East Sulawesi, were expected strong has terjangkit the bird flu virus.

They were treated in Daerah space of the Public
Hospital isolation (RSUD) South-East Sulawesi since last Tuesday.

Their condition currently the high fever, the cough, and breathless.

Before experiencing this sign, around their residence was gotten by 80 chickens died suddenly

The five residents who were expected terjangkit the virus of Avian Influensa (H5N1) itua was Asdar, 8 years, Andika Saputra (1.3), Sarminda (10), Nuraminah (4) as well as Dg Sholeh (53).

The representative Kendari Mayor, Musaddar Mappasomba, stated his side would menangung all the medical treatment cost and the maintenance of the five residents.

Although the laboratory test was not yet known, according to Musaddar, his side already melakukan spraying disenvektan in the house of the five patients.

The above translation describes a large suspect H5N1 cluster in Sulawesi in Indonesia.  The family members have bird flu symptoms and chickens near their residence died suddenly.  Recently there have been three clusters including at least one confirmed case in each cluster, but all three have been denied because of lack of testing or mis-diagnosis.

The above cluster, if confirmed, would be the largest cluster this year in Indonesia, and would be cause for concern.

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