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Human Bird Flu Deaths Increase to 121 in Qinghai China?

Recombinomics Commentary
May 25, 2005

Yongfeng: 6 infections, 8 deaths
Hongshan: 9 infections, 6 deaths
Zheyiguodong: 9 infections, 12 deaths
Shangyou: 3 infections, 11 deaths
Yikekulan: 3 infections, 11 deaths
Maiduosaizhe: 7 infections, 6 deaths
Zhihema: 3 infections, 9 deaths
Quanji: 6 infections, 9 deaths
Gangcha dasi: 3 infections, 8 deaths
Shairiniang: 3 infections, 6 deaths
Nanbiquguo: 2 infections, 3 deaths
Qiankuoer: 3 infections, 9 deaths
Zhanjiang: 2 infections, 7 deaths
Haowuluo: 4 infections, 7 deaths
Legemurinaqiong: 3 infections, 1 death
Qiejijiangkeri: 2 infections, 3 deaths
Xima: 6 infections, 3 deaths
Xiaobeihu: 4 infections, 1 death

The above is the data reported by the government on 24 May, provided by an individual on the inside. <<

The above edited list of 121 deaths and 79 infections in the Qinghai Lake area clearly meets the WHO definition of clusters of unexplained deaths.  It would seem that more than a few phone calls and letters to Beijing is in order.

The previously reported 121 H5N1 infections now appear to be 121 deaths, with 11 confirmed as H5N1.  In any event, independent verification should be a top priority.

Since there has now been a news blackout imposed, it is clearly time for some boots on the ground, so to speak, to investigate the situation.  There are also reports of bodies being cremated.

If the above list remotely resembles reality of H5N1 infections and deaths, the final phase 6 of the 2005 bird flu pandemic has clearly begun.

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