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H3N8 Bird Flu Deaths in Greyhounds in the United States

Recombinomics Commentary
May 26, 2005

>>  Influenza A subtype H3N8 virus was isolated from the lungs of a Florida dog that died in January and a Texas dog that died in June. Influenza H3N8 virus was recovered from archived lung tissue from a Florida greyhound that died during a respiratory disease outbreak in 2003. Genetic sequence analyses and phylogenetic comparisons determined that all 3 canine isolates were closely related and have evolved from contemporary strains of equine influenza H3N8.<<

The above commentary is from an abstract listed by ProMed.  It confirms earlier media reports on influenza in Greyhounds in Florida as well as commentaries that the isolates were H3N8.  The above abstract discusses earlier outbreaks of misdiagnosed kennel cough.  This year the disease was widespread and more severe than prior years.  Large numbers of greyhound deaths were recorded in Florida and New England.  Media reports also indcated companion dogs had symptoms.

The increasing severity of disease in greyhounds which have previously been diagnosed as being infected with H3N8 including fatal hemorrhagic pneumonia is cause for concern.

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