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More Human Bird Flu Deaths and Infections in Qinghai China?

Recombinomics Commentary
May 26, 2005

>> The fox dies Taiwan - to infect 2 people, artificial driver, name for Dan □□
The tray - infects 3 people, two people call Zaxi, Ram
Punctures ditch Taiwan - to be unclear
The greatly beautiful circle nest - died 2 people, is the old person is called actually Jenny Masurium, another calls Goinbo
The barrack Taiwan - hearsay died 1 person, the hearsay dead is a herdsman calls brightly just
The card strength hillock - has the infection report, is unclear specifically
The blue imperial palace moat - has the infection hearsay, is unclear specifically
The argil clutch - died 1 person, Li Jiancang
Gao Lengwan - died 2 people, calls to reach the tile, another unlucky
East branches off - infects 1 person, died 1 person, the infected person is called the tune treasure, the dead to be unlucky
The treasured vase river - died 1 person, calls Germany lucky plum
The sacrificial city Taiwan river - has the infection report, is unclear specifically

At present partially infected the personnel basically already isolates, therefore, carried on to its status verifies, and the short-term dead reason will make the understanding. At present within the boundaries of Qilian Xian still did not have the domestic animal infection the report. According to the above understanding, the infected person or the dead majority of for come in and go out frequently around Gangcha County and Niao Island's public figure, and once has come in and gone out around May the epidemic disease area.  <<

The above list appears to represent possible H5N1 infections and deaths in areas surrounding the Qinghai region with 200 infected people (121 have died).  China has issued a denial on pneumonia deaths, but these patients appear to have high fever and vomiting.  The initial cases began around the beginning of the month and the case fatality rate on the patients from the hospitalized area was over 60%.  However, reports indicate many more have died in their homes.

More details and testing are required, but the association of these cases with the 519 bird flu deaths reported to OIE strongly suggests H5N1 involvement in some all or cases.  The outlying cases appear to have entered the area with the 200 cases.

Thus far international media attention appears to be limited to phone calls or rewrites of news stories.  Clearly more details are needed because the number dead is over ten fold higher than any previous confirmed H5N1 cluster.

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