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Fever Patients in Gangcha County Qinghai China?

Recombinomics Commentary
June 1, 2005

>>  These on felt the throat pain, the estimate was the smoke pulls out much, went to the Gangcha County people hospital to open an antiphlogistic, my goodness, the entire hospital was busy awfully, also moved the thing, also cleaned, asked worked as doctor the friend, said was is expanding infects the hospital ward, but also transferred to other locations very many doctors, looks very lively, doctor the friend said was all right do not have to egress, was staying in the home, listened to his meaning now Qinghai many hospitals all to additionally build the infection branch, had the infection branch to have to expand the hospital ward and the expansion medical officer, felt nervous, opened an antiphlogistic to go home.  <<

The above machine translation of the latest report from (Abundant News) describes increased activity at the Gangcha County People's Hospital.  The activities include expansion of the fever ward and physician transfers to other locations.

These activities have not been verified by third parties, but are consistent with earlier reports of 200 infections and 121 deaths in 18 townships in Gangcha County, Qinghai China.  On May 25 China Daily had reported "hospitals in the affected county had opened separate departments for screening patients with fever and to observe people who had close contact with the birds".

More details on the screening of fever patients would be useful.  Thus far there have been blanket denials of human H5N1 cases, but no detail on the number of patients with fever, their age, gender, and location, etc.  Although official denials have mentioned a lack of pneumonia cases, the human infections and deaths reported via Abundant News involved high fever, but not pneumonia.

More "boots on the ground" of media or WHO personel may provide more information on reported increases in fever patients and reported deaths.  The latest update would be cause for concern because the descriptions suggest an ongoing infection problem in the same region where there have been over 1000 confirmed H5N1 bead flu deaths of at least five species of waterfowl near Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve, which has been closed.

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