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H5N1 Bird Flu Cluster in Tangerang Indonesia Grows

Recombinomics Commentary

June 3, 2006

According to casualties's father, Suryoto, 46 years, Yo last Saturday and his three relatives, namely To (10 years), S (12 years), and B (3 years) suffered the fever and the high fever.

As far as this is concerned, said he, from two casualties who died one was stated positive bird flu and two other people in the condition were sick and will immediately be brought to the hospital.

The above translation indicates that two siblings of the two Tangerang fatalities also have symptoms and are now hospitalized.  Earlier reports indicated that the mother, father, and an older brother had symptoms, but recovered at home.  Thus, seven family members have had symptoms, but three had mild symptoms and not hospitalized.

Of the four family members hospitalized, two (10M and 7F) have died and the sister tested positive for H5N1.  The confirmed case developed symptoms on May 26, was hospitalized on May 29, and died on June 1.  Her brother died 3 days earlier.

The hospitalization of four family members is cause for concern.  Testing of the two hospitalized patients as well as antibody testing on the three recovered family members would be useful.

This family is close to the location of the first H5N1 confirmed case in July of 2005.  The sequence of the H5 from that patient identified a novel cleavage site which has been found in almost all isolates from West Java, but is not present in any published H5N1 from Indonesia or elsewhere.

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