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8 Arrests Linked to Photos of 1000's of Bird Flu Deaths

Recombinomics Commentary
June 5, 2005

>>  because the news disclosed the person already was arrested, officially terminated about Qinghai birds and beasts flu information disclosure in June 5, 2005.
    Chengdu retransmits
    (Abundant news editor's note: This news has not verified after the abundant news. Before this, the abundant news once retransmitted on May 27 which transmits the birds large-scale death picture.) <<

The above machine translation of a story describing the arrest of 8 people in and around Gangcha County Qinghai China appear to be related to the bird flu reports on over 8000 H5N1 bird flu deaths and 121 human deaths.

The comment specifically mentions the two photos showing dead and dying birds on Bird Island on May 27.

There were earlier reports of a news blackout and third parties have had problems accessing information to verify or refute the nine who have reported on the H5N1 outbreak.  It is unclear if the 8 arrested are 8 of the 9 reportong.  However, if  China would present data on the 121 alleged bird flu deaths, the influence of the reports would be minor.  However, instead of providing more data, China appears to be more focused on limiting any information other than official reports which have had little detail

The sequences from the H5N1 isolates has not been released nor has any specific information on the 121 deaths.

A third party investigation of the situation in Qingahi is long overdue.

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