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3rd Photo of 1000's of Bird Flu Deaths on Bird Island Qinghai

Recombinomics Commentary
June 5, 2005

After the two photos of 1000's of dead or dying birds on May 27 on Bird Island on Qinghai Lake was published, the associated reporters were arrested.  A third photo was added to the June 3rd report.

This photo appears to be more of the same, except more birds are standing and it appears to have been taken mid-day because the shadows of the standing birds are very short.  The two earlier shots appeared to have been near sunrise or sunset because the shadows of the birds were long.

The pictures of the birds are in marked contrast to Bird Island tourist pictures showing many birds walking around and sitting birds with heads much higher in the air.

The recent photos look much like the suffocating bar headed goose in the May 5 official media report describing 178 bar headed geese who had died but were reported to have not died from bird flu.

The arrest of reporters in association with these pictures is alarming and will fuel speculation on the scope of the H5N1 bird flu outbreak and its spread to humans and other mammals.

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