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2013 Grant County Indiana H3N2v Matches 2012 Cases
Recombinomics Commentary 18:15
June 28, 2013

One virus sample has been fully characterized by CDC and is 99% similar to H3N2v viruses identified in the 309 human infections that occurred in the United States in 2012. None of the four persons were hospitalized. At this time no ongoing human-to-human transmission has been identified and all four cases have reported close contact with swine in the week prior to illness onset. Public health and agriculture officials are investigating the extent of disease among humans and swine, and additional cases may be identified as the investigation continues.

The above comments are from the CDC week 25 Fluview, which has additional information on the four H3N2v confirmed attendees of the Indiana Grant County Fair (see map).  Although the sequence described above has not been released, the comment of 99% similarity with the 2012 cases suggests that the 2013 sequences have the same lineages for each of the 8 gene segments that were present in the vast majority of human H3N2v sequences.

These sequences were dominant in the recent Indian swine sequences released by the USDA and suggest the above sequence will be closely related to those sequences (
(A/swine/Indiana/A01260252/2013, A/swine/Indiana/A01260254/2013, A/swine/Indiana/A01260261/2013, A/swine/Indiana/A01260276/2013, A/swine/Indiana/A01260280/2013, A/swine/Indiana/A01260284/2013).  Similar sequences were found in 2013 isolates from Ohio swine, raising concerns that Indiana and Ohio will again have the most confirmed cases in 2013, which were 138 and 107, respectively, in 2012

However, the dominance of this sub-clade in the 2013 H3N2v swine sequences released by the USDA, and the early occurrence of the Indiana, outbreak raises concerns that the 2013 human H3N2v cases will exceed 2012.

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