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Symptoms in Sichuan China Resemble 1918 Flu Pandemic

Recombinomics Commentary

July 24, 2005

At the beginning of when the high fever continues presently 瘀血, the condition change is rapid, already died nine person of Sichuan strange illness because the official prohibition report, more news were blocked. Synthesis at present up to the media report and the domestic news public figure's disclosure, at present, the Jianyang school suspends classes; The capital positive city sanitation bureau official said is not 萨斯 and the birds and beasts flu; Arises 12 villages and towns 15 villages issue an order dies of illness the pig sheep disinfects deeply buries; The patient has transferred the capital is positive first, the second hospital infection branch receives a medical examination, the entrance has the security guards, the hospital is not willing to disclose the condition, lets arrive the municipal party committee understands; The patient family member indicates, the casualty are more than the official announcement 9 people, the dead whole body becomes dark.
The strange illness body present blood stains whole body becomes dark the reason unclear network people sighs " the science forever is backward "

The strange illness condition change is rapid, at the beginning of when the high fever vomits, continues presently 瘀血, the shock symptom. But has the patient family member discloses, sees the dead whole body becomes dark, on the body has the red spot. (Abundant news

The machine translation of the above boxun report is cause for concern.  The closing of the school in Jianyang suggests for human-to-human transmission is being considered.  Jianyang is near some of the farms, which had dying pigs or sheep.  The number of reported dead has now risen to 17 and the number of villages affected is up to 49.  58 patients have reported symptoms.

The bird deaths in Qinghai Lake raised concerns of H5N1 spreading.  It is expanding its host range and has not previously been known to infect sheep.  However, sheep were listed in the boxun report on birds and animals affected at Qinghai Lake.

Boxun has also reported details on 10 strains of H5N1,  Seven of the ten have been reported in humans.  Moreover, there are reports of dual infections which can generate new recombinants with novel pathologies.  H5N1 is known to be neurotropic and cause internal bleeding.  The internal bleeding was a common symptom associated with the 1918 pandemic.  Because the virus produced so many unusual presentations, it was frequently mis-diagnosed as cholera, typhoid, and dengue fever, three frequent diagnosis in Asia.

One description from the 1918 pandemic sounded remarkably like the boxun description of the whole body becoming dark:

and a few hours later you can begin to see the Cyanosis extending from their ears and spreading all over the face, until it is hard to distinguish the colored men from the white. It is only a matter of a few hours then until death comes….

Although cases began arriving at local hospitals on June 24, there still is no diagnosis.  The comment that the pigs were infected with bacteria is similar to initial pronouncements in Indonesia regarding the cluster of 3 H5N1 deaths, which were in a Tangerang, Jakarta suburb where H5N1 positive pigs had been previously reported.  Additional H5N1 positive pigs were found upon retesting.

The large number of villages affected raises the possibility of transmission via migratory birds.  There have been bird deaths in Russia and Guangdong recently, as well as new outbreaks in Vietnam and Thailand.  The H5N1 at Qingahi Lake is particularly lethal and boxun reports indicate it can kill humans.  The OIE reported by China listed 5 species affected, and that number has probably risen suggesting transmission could be widespread, especially as more bird leave Qinghai Lake for Europe, India, and eastern Asia.

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