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H3N2v In Asymptomatic Swine At LaPorte County Fair
Recombinomics Commentary 12:30
July 27, 2012

Derrer, of the BOAH, said that of the 12 pigs that were randomly chosen for testing, some were showing signs of illness and some were not.

The above comments indicate H3N2v was detected in asymptomatic swine at the LaPorte County Fair in Indiana.  Media reports cited 41 symptomatic swine on July 13, after many symptomatic swine had been withdrawn.  The large number of symptomatic swine, as well as detection of H3n2v in asymptomatic indicate H3N2v was widespread at the fair, and the sale of infected asymptomatic swine, may have spread the H3N2v further.  Recently released Indiana swine sequences from may collections identied two distinct sub-clades in Indiana swine which matched the two subclades identified in human cases in 2011.

The confirmation of H3N2v in fair attendees / exhibitors and swine at the same venue is unusual, and is similar to results from the 2007 Heron County Fair, where H1N1v was identified in attendees and swine
(A/Ohio/1/2007 and A/Ohio/2/2007), in addition to symptomatic swine (A/swine/Ohio/24366/07 and A/swine/OH/511445/2007)

These results are in marked contrast to 2011 H3N2v cases with swine exposure.  No symptomatic swine were identified at the Washington County Fair in Pennsylvania, where three confirmed cases were identified and the symptomatic swine at the Freyberg Fair in Maine tested negative.  Similarly, the contact swine associated with the Indiana veterinarian were also asymptomatic.

Recently released swine sequences identify recent H3N2v matches in May and June collections in Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio, which are in addition to the 12 July collections from the Indiana fair which tested positive for H3N2v that is closely related to the human 2011 and 2012 cases, although the lineage of the N2 in the July collections from humans and swine remains unclear.

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