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152 Sichuan Cases with 31 Deaths and Case Fatality Rate 82%

Recombinomics Commentary

July 28, 2005

According to the Sichuan health department reports, up to July 28th 12 o'clock, the Sichuan accumulation speaker infects the pig  sickness case of illness 152 examples, laboratory diagnoses 13 examples, the clinical diagnosis 93 examples, ?? 46 examples. In these cases of illness, cure leave the hospital 7 examples, the critically ill 27 examples, die 31 examples. According to the report, at present has 6 examples ?? cases of illness is removed.

The above machine translation of a boxun report on the latest update from the Sichuan health department indicates that the number of cases, 152, continues to rise as does the number dead, 31, but the case fatality rate remains at 82% (of the 38 outcomes, 31 have been death, exc;ludng the 14 deaths prior to admission).

Earlier reports in mainstream media had more discharges, but the above report indicates several of the discharges were not infected, and there have been only 7 discharges cases who had been infected.

These numbers suggest that the bacteria is not the cause of the 82% case fatality rate, and the patients are infected with another agent.  This is supported further by reported outbreaks in neighboring Yunnan Province, which also is reporting case that rapidly progress to death.

The large number of cases in a large geographical region still point toward migratory birds and the associated H5N1 bird flu infections.

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