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174 Sichuan Cases with 34 Deaths and Case Fatality Rate 74%

Recombinomics Commentary

July 30, 2005

Up to July 30 12 o'clock, the Sichuan accumulation speaker infects the pig chain coccus sickness case of illness 174 examples, laboratory diagnoses 19 examples, clinical diagnosis 104 examples, 疑似 51 examples. In these case of illness, cures leaves the hospital 12 examples, the critically ill 28 examples, died 34 examples. Case of illness distributes in 9 cities 26 counties (city, area), 96 villages and towns (street), 164 villages (residents' committee).

    (Abundant news reporter: Hu armed force) (abundant news

The above report describes as steady increase and spread of the mystery illness.  The number of cases has grown to 174.  Of the first 46 outcomes, 34 have died, producing a case fatality rate of 72%.  These numbers discount the likelihood that the streptococcus suis is the primary infection.  Such infections should respond to antibiotics.  A boxun interview indicated a recombinant Ebola strain was isolated from a patient.  Plague bacteria was also found, as was another "dangerous" virus  The viral components would help explain the poor response to antibiotic treatment as well as the rapid spread.

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