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Novel Influenza Case In Week 30 MMWR
Recombinomics Commentary 14:05
August 4, 2011

Novel influenza A infection virus *** - 2 0 4 43,774 2 4 NN

The above line is from the preview of the MMWR week 30 report.  The preview does not contain the detail for the footnote, which usually is available around noon EST on the Thursday before the Friday report.

However, it is likely that the “Novel influenza A” case will be another trH3N2 confirmed case in 2011, based in part by the release of sequences yesterday by the CDC demonstarting the production of a trH3N2 vaccine target, various constructs of A/Minnesota/11/2010, the second trH3N2 case in Minnesota last year. 

Prior to today’s report, there were nine trH3N2 cases reported in the United States, including two from Minnesota and two from Pennsylvania.  All reported sequences have D225G, which may lead to a higher detection frequency when eggs are used to isolate virus.

Recent sequences from the CDC, including the new pandemic H1N1 (trH1N1) vaccine target, A/South Carolina/02/2010, have changes at position 225 and 226 (SC/02/10 has Q226R).

Today’s report raises concerns that the number of trH3N2 cases in the United States is far higher that the nine cases reported prior to today.

More detail on additional cases under investigation would be useful.

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