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H5N1 Cikelet Cluster in Garut Grows to 20
Recombinomics Commentary

August 23, 2006

a patient will come back was reconciled the Cikelat Community Health Centre to RS Doctor Selamet. The patient was Herman, 21 years.

Herman will be reconciled to RS Handsome Sadikin, Bandung, West Java. Because, although having one room for two patients, was not possible for Herman to be united with Gilang.

At this time the Cikelat Community Health Centre also it was reported treated a patient suspect bird flu was named the Dervish

The above translation indicates more bird flu patients from Cikelet are being hospitalized, but there is a shortage of space at Sadikin in Bandung.  The Garut cluster continues to grow.  Reports from yesterday included 18 patients.  Five had died prior to sample collection.  Two of the three who tested positive for H5N1 bird flu also died, while 10 additional patients had been hospitalized.  The two patients described above would raise the total to 20.

A Tamiflu blanket has been placed over four hamlets in Cikelet, covering over 2000 people.  This treatment may impact the detection of H5N1 in these patients.  It is not clear if samples were collected from the two patients above prior to treatment with Tamiflu.

The steady increase in admitted patients, as well as discharge of patients prior to clear of virus is cause for concern.

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