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Another Suspect H5N1 Fatality in Bekasi
Recombinomics Commentary

August 23, 2006

Suwardi, for example. He claimed to be his wife died with the sign similar to bird flu, every few the day before Nursifa fell ill.

Apart from Nursifa, RSPI Sulianti Saroso treated a bird flu patient in this month. However the patient that also from Bekasi finally had died. Mega Saputra blew out the last breath after could undergo the maintenance in ICU space for three days.

The above translation describes another suspect H5N1 bird flu fatality in Bekasi.  The sequence of H5N1 from Bekasi does not match bird isolates, suggesting the patients are being infected by H5N1 in an alternate source.  The recovering patient, Nursifa, has been H5N1 confirmed, but has no history of contact with poultry.

As indicated above, even fatal cases in the area are not tested for H5N1 even though there have been H5N1 deaths in the Bekasi area since last year.

Surveillance of patients with bird flu symptoms who do not have a contact with dead or dying birds remain poor, and the number of fatal cases in Bekasi and other regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta, is likely much higher than the reported cases.

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