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Swine H3N2v Matches With LaPorte and Butler Cases
Recombinomics Commentary 16:15
September 19, 2012

The USDA has released a series of July / August, 2012 swine sequences including July 13 collections from Indiana (A/swine/Indiana/A00968370/2012, A/swine/Indiana/A00968373/2012, A/swine/Indiana/A00968376/2012, A/swine/Indiana/A00968379/2012) and July 28 collections (A/swine/Ohio/12TOSU268/2012 and A/swine/Ohio/12TOSU293/2012).  These collections dates are 3 days and 1 day prior to collections from cases at the La Porte County Fair in Indiana and the Butler County Fair in Ohio, respectively, strongly suggesting that the collections were from swine at the fairs.  These origins are also supported by the sequence data which show a high degree of similarity between the swine in human cases including exact matches between A/swine/Indiana/A00968376/2012 and LaPorte cases or A/swine/Ohio/12TOSU293/2012 and Butler cases.

Thus, the sequence data strongly supports interspecies transmissions at both county fairs. 

However, these sequences don’t address the direction of the transmission.  Prior to the fairs, only 2 of 31 swine matches with human 2011 and 2012 cases are from the sub-clade found in all 2012 human H3N2v cases.  Moreover, none of the 57 public sequences from July and August 2012 cases are from the sub-clade found in the first 10 human cases in 2011.  This novel sub-clade was first detected at the West Virginia day care center in late 2011 (
West Virginia/06/2011 and A/West Virginia/07/2011), as well as the first 2012 H3N2 case, A/Utah/10/2012.

These distribution raise concerns that this novel sub-clade is widespread in humans (July / August cases were identified across the United States, from Hawaii to Maryland) and agricultural fairs create interactions leading to frequent human to swine transmission.

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