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H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Kills Over 500 Birds at Erhel Lake Mongolia

Recombinomics Commentary

September 29, 2005

An additional five geese, two shelduck, and four gulls were found dead at the Erhel Lake in Alag-Erdene soum, Khovsgal aimag, on September 22. By September 23, the total number of dead from bird flu had reached 583, in 30 soums and 16 different aimags, since its outbreak on July 29, 2005.

The above comments indicate H5N1 is still circulating among wild birds in Mongolia.  The initial OIE report described 80 birds that died at Erhel Lake.  A follow-up report described four H5N1 positive birds (3 whooper cranes and 1 bar headed goose).

The above recent findings suggest that many birds in Mongolia have not yet left for warmer regions, but that H5N1 continues to kill a wide variety of wild waterfowl throughout Mongolia, which only has 18 aimags (provinces), posing a significant problem when these birds migrate into warmer and more densely populated areas in the upcoming weeks.


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