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3 More H5N1 Bird Flu Patients Admitted in Bandung

Recombinomics Commentary

October 1, 2005

In the meantime a pre-schooler again, Fatimah Nurwulan (20 months) from Cipamokolan the Subdistrict Rancasari the Bandung City at this time still was treated in space decontamination R that other. Results of the last inspection, the condition for the temperature of the Fatimah body was still being high and coughs. Nevertheless did not have the breathless sign in this patient.

"Hopefully like the patient beforehand namely the negative, but we continued to anticipate and be on the alert because of having contact with the chicken died beforehand, we has sent sample his blood to the lab in Jakarta," said Dr Cissy.

Moreover the side RS Handsome Sadikin Bandung also increased pendeteksian in the polyclinic and emergency this hospital. Despite uptil now two patients that entered justeru was the reconciliation patient from the Hospital Saint Yusuf and RS Al Islam Bandung.

The above machine translation indicates there are still three suspected H5N1 bird flu patients at RS Handsome Sadikan hospital in Bandung.  Details on Fatimah Nurwulan are given, but two new transfers, from Hospital Saint Yusuf and RS Al Islam have just been admitted on September 30. 

These two new admissions are in addition to the four admissions in Jakarta on September 30.  Thus, the number of suspect patients continues to grow in Jakarta (see map) and through Indonesia (see map).  The patients depicted in the maps only represent media reports on cases.  Map does not include patients who have been admitted to local hospitals but not yet transferred to the major hospitals covered in media reports.  The poor who cannot afford hospitalization are also not represented

Clearly the number of cases continue to grow daily and spread throughout the poultry regions of Indonesia.


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