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H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Confirmed in Moldova

Recombinomics Commentary

October 26, 2005

Over the 450 tests have been made in Moldova and confirm the presence of the bird flu virus in the country, the Minister of Agriculture Apostol Gorodenko announced for the Romanian radio Romania Aactualitac.

The above report is not a surprise.  Today Croatia confirmed that the HPAI H5 described in Monday's OIE report was H5N1 wild bird flu.  Thus, Moldova adds to the list of European countries, including Russia,Turkey, Romania, Croatia, where H5N1 wild bird flu has been confirmed at specialty labs in Russia or Weybridge, England.

The growing list of H5N1 confirmed countries raises additional questions about reporting in other European countries with wild bird die-offs.  H5N1 is a reportable disease, and the lack of emergency reports from these countries raises questions about their ability or willingness to conduct such tests.


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