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H5N1 Suspect Cases in Egypt Continue to Grow
Recombinomics Commentary
October 26, 2006

There is a state of panic among citizens enough after the seizure of the child Basma Essam seven months yesterday on suspicion Bismnod بانفلونزا infected birds. The bodies of the Ministry of Health had seized two cases in the last few hours and another case a few days ago have been transferred to the Abbasiya Hospital of the gravity of their situation.

The above translation describes additional suspect H5N1 bird flu cases in Egypt.  The status of cases hospitalized last week have not been reported. 

The HA sequence of case confirmed earlier this month has been published.  It has a M230I change near the receptor binding domain, which could affect transmissibility.  A change two positions upstream, S227N, was associated with large fatal clusters in Turkey earlier this year.

More information on these new and earlier admissions in Egypt would be useful

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