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H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance in Norway
Recombinomics Commentary 12:57
November 14, 2008

Five of the six A(H1N1) viruses were shown to be resistant to oseltamivir (4 from the UK and 1 from Norway) and one to be sensitive; all those tested against zanamivir (4) and amantadine (2) were shown to be sensitive.

The above comments from the week 45 report on seasonal flu in Europe add Norway to the list of countries where the first H1N1 tested this season had H274Y.  The tally thus far is 9/10 in UK, 1/1 in Canada, and 1/1 in Norway.

Since the first H1N1 isolate reported in Norway this season was from a traveler who had returned from the United States, the H274Y in this sample may reflect levels in the US this season.

As the list grows, it becomes increasing clear that the level of H274Y in H1N1 isolates from Europe and North America will be at or near 100% in many countries.

These levels are consistent withy H274Y levels in countries reporting during the 2008 flu season in the summer hemisphere, providing more evidence on the predictability of northern hemisphere activity by activity in preceding season in the southern hemisphere.

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