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Additional Chicken Deaths in Seosan Support H5N1 Spread
Recombinomics Commentary
November 27,  2006

Chicken farm operators at Seosan, just north of the site of a bird flu outbreak in Iksan, 230 kilometers south of Seoul, have formally requested an investigation by the state veterinary service after more than 1,000 chickens died since Nov. 20 without a clear reason.

The above reports on chicken deaths in Seosan raise significant credibility issues surrounding the outbreak there.  Recent reports have indicated two birds have tested positive for avian influenza.  Moreover, the birds hatched from eggs from the H5N1 confirmed breeding farm in Iksan.

Thus, in addition to the more than 6000 deaths in Iksan, there have been over 1000 chicken deaths in Seosan, 200 chicken deaths in Pyeongtaek, and 510 chicken deaths in Yangpyeong.  Although media reports have indicated that these deaths are not due to H5N1, the linkage in time and location to the confirmed farm suggests the deaths may all be linked to H5N1 infections.

There are are also reports of additional infection(s) near the index farm, supporting significant spread beyond the large farm in Iksan.

More information on the serotype and sequences of these bird flu positive chickens would be useful.

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